Why do Japanese keep a little frog figurine in their wallet when they go to Vegas?

frogAmongst the American Japanese who visit Vegas, a large percentage carries a little frog in their wallet or purse.  This frog can be made out of anything; origami, metal, beads, felt or even fabric.

In Japanese, the word frog is “kaeru” and its homonym means “to return”.  Therefore, there is a Japanese superstition that believes keeping a frog in a wallet is good fortune:  “Okane ga kaeru” meaning “money will return.” If your friends or family are planning to gamble, or are just spend thrifts, give them a frog to symbolize your wish that their money will return.

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  1. It’s a perfect tip to keep a frog figurine in our wallet. It means if we did, they said that keeping a frog in our wallets is a good luck. It is a belief that the money will be returned, so if we are planning to gamble, we make sure we have this figurine for luck.
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