Master Hsu and I are working hard on finishing our book Feng Shui: Truths, Myths and Misconceptions. This article was taken from the book, to give you a taste of what’s to come.

So is there an ideal color for a front door? True Feng Shui concepts never suggest one color is better than another for a door. The ideal front door color matches the house and coordinates with the style and color of the building.   The perception that a red door is more desirable came from the culture and tradition of China. In China, the color red has always been deemed auspicious and is used to symbolize all happy occasions.

Is a red door auspicious?
In ancient China, there was a very strict building code stipulating that only government officials of a certain rank or those with high social status could paint their house door red, therefore, a house with a red door represented the rich and noble class. The concept that a red door is more auspicious is not a universal feng shui concept.

If you liked this question and answer you will really enjoy our book!  We are looking forward to having it out by this coming summer and will keep you posted!  I hope this helps those who are curious to have a better understanding of Feng Shui teachings.

From an interior design perspective. Usually a red front door makes a statement and draws the eye to the entrance, helping visitors find their way.  If it matches the colors of the home, it is a good way to visually pull a house together.

3 thoughts on “Many Feng Shui Teachings Consider a Red Door Auspicious. Is There an Ideal Color for a Front Door?”

  1. Hi Jenny, Love your article! I think Feng Shui is fascinating. I painted my front door black though. I know you said this isn’t a universal principal in FS. I read that a Black door was auspicious for attracting abundance into your home – which is why I did it.

    1. Hi Angela, the color black represents water in the five-element theory, that’s why they probably said it brings in abundance to your home.
      Very Interesting!

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