Mobile Game for Learning Japanese Kanji – Kanjilicious on Kickstarter

I am all for education and as an enthusiast for Asian culture, I truly believe that learning a language also allows one to get a better understanding of a culture.

For all of you who have thought about learning Japanese kanji, but never got around to it or thought it was too difficult, have a look at this. This is a project on Kickstarter called Kanjilicious – a mobile game for learning Japanese Kanji. This won’t become a reality until they reach their funding goal and you can part of this exciting project.

Although I can speak Japanese fluently, my reading and writing skills are poor.  But I do wish I could read a Japanese book without struggling for hours.  This will make learning Kanji fun!

For more information please click here.


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  1. I’m a kickstarter backer, they only delivered an IOS App they stopped responding to android backers altogether.

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