All-White Kitchens That Shine

This is a guest post by Jane Blanchard.

What’s more bold than color? The absence of color! You might want to rethink that kitchen backsplash project or the staining of kitchen cabinets if you want to make a statement. Homeowners wanting an elegant, simple, shiny, and stunning demeanor in the scullery, are happily catching all-white kitchen fever… for good reason, too!

kitchen 1

Courtesy JMJGraphics

This kitchen deserves a cat call or low whistle. We’re certainly voicing one. Cleanliness, purity, and order are what’s on the menu in this kitchen. Sleek and sexy will be dished up for dessert. Need I say more?

kitchen 2

Courtesy Sketch42

Luxury and class has been added by the beautiful, dark hardwood flooring. No one said that only white floors can shine… Take a look at the exceptional finishing job on the flooring that compliments the white decor accents and shiny white countertops. This refined kitchen has us wanting to play host, “Cup of tea anyone?”

kitchen 3

Courtesy Blue Tea Kitchens

This kitchen has us cheering for simple elegance. The beautiful trees outside the windows are highly accentuated by the white room. The natural sunlight does wonders for adding some shine, as well as blending in the walls and lower cabinets to the floor. And we’re always a sucker for the classic mid-century look of Eames dining chairs.

kitchen 4.png

Courtesy Material Girls Blog

The rustic decor integrates gracefully with the subtle, traditional tone given off by the table legs and cabinet hardware. Definitely, the best feature in this all-white kitchen is the accent wall that adds lovely visual stimulation that blends well with the delicate curves in the room. The sheer door treatment is the perfect touch.

kitchen 5.png

Courtesy Kunz Design

This gets two thumbs up for rustic beauty. The hardwood flooring and island goes well with the tasteful, refined, all-white look.

kitchen 6


This kitchen is made to be seen. Comfort and extravagance will be the name of the game during the many hosting parties this kitchen can handle. We love that the ceiling is enough induce kitchen-envy. I sense a shade of green coming on…

kitchen 9

The lighting, marble countertop, and glass cabinets bring the shine to this all-white kitchen. We love the mantle above the range, and the polished appearance the chandeliers offer the room. We do have to point out how the white crown molding on the ceiling pulls the entire room together. Gorgeous!

kitchen 7

We totally dig this modern, white kitchen that gets some funk with the candied red seating and the reflective, glimmering, metallic back-splash.

kitchen 8

Almost all-white, this kitchen has some serious character that’s worthy of taking note. Those brick walls reveal some skin that looks amazing in a room that speaks chastity with the white. Great balance of the two!

There’s no doubt that all-white kitchens have that awe-inspiring trait. Done well, they can be the creme dela creme. Just pray that your two-year old doesn’t decide to bring in the backyard with him.

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  1. It was really pleased to read this post as I am adept of all in white furniture design. I hope that I find this kind of style when I visit IMM Cologne by January 19th and 25th!

  2. Wow. I don’t think I could ever function in the first kitchen; I mean, you can hardly see where cupboard stops and wall begins. But I really love the kitchens that have dark wood to compliment the white. In my opinion, kitchens should have lots of natural light, but should be welcoming and comfortable. Choosing the right paint color is vital.

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