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This is a guest post by Jane Blanchard.

The 2015 sofa models are made with a great emphasis on the minimalist approach yet these designs are still as colorful and stylish as they have ever been. There are multiple reasons for making a sofa with less materials.

If you enjoy a sofa that does not take up a lot of space, you will jump for joy over this year’s sofa styles. These sofas look more modern than ever before. If you have a colonial house, or one that was built a long time ago, you will still be able to find a sofa that will match your other home design choices. When you’re creating a room from scratch, you might want to purchase your sofa first and leave everything else for last. Get a sofa that will meet your comfort and dimension needs. Find a sofa that has the base color you want for your room. For example, if you want white and red as the main colors for the room, get a sofa that is white or red. Then, you can decorate the rest of the room after the sofa is placed at the proper spot. Get a sofa that is green-friendly.

Sofas made in 2015 have less materials in them and are better for our environment. There is no longer a need for sofas that are made with 5 pounds of cotton stuffing in the back. A minimalist sofa design will still feel comfortable because the weight is reduced in the proper areas. Instead of having a thick armrest filled with cotton, more companies are using a thinner design with less filling.

green sofa


Via Modernize

Getting a sofa that is made with less materials has other advantages as well. It will be much easier to place your sofa in a room that might be smaller than your other rooms. It’s wise to put your sofa along the longest wall because it will give you more room for other furniture. If you place your sofa in this spot, you can easily find room for a coffee table or another small table to place in front of it. This gives your guests more room to walk around as well. Some people like to use a neutral color like ivory for their sofa. In the following picture, someone used an ivory-like color to make their sofa blend in with the rest of the room. If you want a large sofa for a small room, this is a great idea.

White sofa


Via Modernize

The 2015 sofa models are made to take up less space as well, but still provide you with more than enough sofa seating. Many leather sofa designs are being made in 2015 with much better quality than ever before. Buying a sofa that matches your wall color is a good place to start because it can make the rest of your room look bigger than it really is. You don’t have to be limited to only two room colors if you decide to use this approach.

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  1. Hi Jenny, I wasn’t sure if you are checking your emails these days, but I thought this might be interesting for your son to know before he heads back. When he came by the other day to get the bikes he told me about his new project in China. He mentioned that the product he wants to make is now made by hand and sold on Etsy. Yesterday they announced that they will soon begin to accept machine made goods on Etsy. The announcement did not indicate when this might happen but change is about to take place… Joy

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