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Mark Brandon is your go-to guy when it comes to home renovation and inspection. He shares his expertise to people through a variety of blogs like Safe and Sound Property Inspections. In this article he shares some tips to improve your home’s security.

Home safety and security must be everybody’s priority. With these useful tips, you should be able to promote a safe and secured place for your family.


If you want to protect your family, then you have to start by protecting your home. However, with all the home security products sold on the market, choosing the best one can be a very mind-boggling task. But, this doesn’t mean you have to fret. Below are some inexpensive yet efficient tips that could somehow boost your overall home security.

1. Change the locks every once in a while.


Whenever you move into a new home, apartment, or condo, you have to make it a habit to change the doors’ locks. You never know who had been granted right of entry to the place before you arrived. In the event the keys get lost, you have to replace them directly to ensure maximum protection and security.

2. Observe proper wiring.


Many professional burglars will check on the wiring all over the house. The reason they look for this is so that they can disable any security system installed. So, it is best to keep all the wires hidden from their sight.

3. An alarm system makes a great home addition.

Among all products available on the market, the alarm systems are considered one of the best. These devices immediately alert the authorities and give signals to the homeowners in case potential threats are detected. If an intruder takes notice of an alarm system, this might even prevent them from stealing. And if ever it rings, it often sends them running.

4. Make your house look as if it is always occupied.

Whenever burglars notice that a homeowner doesn’t always stay at home for a long period of time, they often target it. To prevent this from happening, it would be best to install automatic timers that will turn on and off the light system while you are still at work or when you are on a business trip. Usually, this kind of system is already set up in contemporary homes.

5. Do not ever put the keys in the mailbox or in the plants.


Although this is a very common security tip, this is often neglected and ignored by many. Often times, intruders search for the house keys in the mailbox or in the house plants. If ever you are used to doing this, it is best that you wrap the keys in a foil or in a piece of cloth and put it somewhere that only you and your family members know.

6. Install lights in the entry of your home.

One of the smartest ways to keep burglars away is to utilize your home’s lighting. Lighting systems that have infrared detectors are often a good choice as it automatically turns on when somebody is in a certain area or zone. And when committing a crime, burglars do not want to be seen easily.

7. Deadbolt locks must be installed.

If you have exterior doors, make sure you use a thick dead bolt lock. Even if this is more expensive than the ordinary locks, this is much stronger. Ergo, it can provide better protection. But when installing this, you have to ensure that you leave a small space between the frame and the door.

8. Metal bars should be used on sliding doors.

Sliding doors or windows should always have metal bars placed at the bottom of the track. By having this, burglars won’t be able to force open the door or the window.

9. Install interior door hinges.

Modern doors already have built-in interior door hinges. But if you already installed one on the outer portion of the door, the tendency is that an intruder can easily remove it to acquire access. To have maximum security, it would be best to install door hinges on the inside.

10. Protect the window.


The windows are among the commonly used passage ways of burglars. Therefore, you need to protect these areas by using burglar-resistant glasses or window locks.

You’ll never know when a potential break-in will happen. By using these tips, you can now increase your home’s security without spending a single dime.

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