Feng Shui

What is feng shui? Simple question, not so simple to answer.

With a history of over 3,000 years, it has become very difficult to define feng shui.  This is because many people have created and added their own interpretation of this traditional Chinese study.  But, here is my simplified answer.

Feng shui is the study of how to detect and create places with an abundance of smooth, flowing qi energy that will provide a holistic and prosperous life.

So what is qi (pronounce chi)?

Qi or Chi is the inner energy of nature.  All things in the universe are composed of qi.  Humans can only hear sounds between certain frequencies and many of us can only see things that are matter.  Yet, there are energies we cannot see nor hear but we know, exist.  Qi is the oscillation of these forces and all things in the universe regardless of whether we can see it or not.

And what is smooth, flowing qi?

When we follow nature through her patterns and laws, qi energy flows simply and life develops.  For example, if you have a plant and you provide the proper soil, sunlight, food, and water that are most suitable for this particular plant, it will thrive. You are providing the perfect environment for this plant to grow.  In the same way, feng shui is the study of how to find the  places with an abundance of qi that will nurture and allow people to grow and prosper.  Finding the most suitable place, site, building, form, and living environment for a particular people in a particular place is the study of feng shui.

Nature doesn’t have to ‘try’. Nature just happens. In the same way, our living spaces should feel and be natural.  We shouldn’t have to try so hard.  If we are trying so hard, maybe we must re-think how we want to really live.  This is why I study Blue Mountain Form School Feng Shui. It is the most natural form of creating a living environment.

How is Form School Feng Shui different from other schools of Feng Shui?

Form School is based on the concept of Form Defines Energy.  Through observation and studying form, we are able to understand the energy.  Form School does not use gadgets or incorporate Chinese astrology or the Chinese bagua to assess the energy of a space.  We believe Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology are completely different studies.  Also, through studying the origin and history of Feng Shui, it is very evident that the Chinese bagua was not used as a tool in assessing the energy of a space.  The common practice of incorporating the bagua was unfortunately fabricated during the 1970’s.

Why do we need feng shui?

Do you feel good in your home?  Does your home make you smile when you walk in the door?  Does it support your life?

If you answered “no” to all of these, maybe you should consider feng shui.  In a simplified explanation, Feng Shui is a tool to help you create your living environment that makes you relaxed.  And when you are relaxed you make good decisions.  Everyday and all day we are making decisions in our life.  To be able to make the best decisions we need have a clear mind and be relaxed.  If you’re ready for change, and you’d like to have a feng shui consultation please email me at jenny@threefrogsdesign.com. I look forward to hearing from you and would be honored to help.

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