There was a tall birch tree next to our house that had grown taller than our roof.  Because it was so close to our home, the leaves would drop on on the roof and clog the gutters.  This tree was also blocking our neighbor’s view so we decided that it was best to have it chopped down.

The benefits have been that we won’t have to worry about our gutters anymore and helps with the control of overgrowth.  The negative side is that we can see our next door neighbors home.  But, there was something else that I didn’t think about.  My Japanese girlfriend who was visiting from out of town, told me that in Japan, when chopping down a tree one must be cautious.  That’s because it is a cultural belief that nature is god.  By chopping down a tree you are affecting the energy of the space, and removing a living object.  Although we won’t be replanting anything in that space, I will give thanks to the many years it has been giving us shade and protection.

Photo: Pixabay

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