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I used to chuck all my glass jars out because they took up too much space in my cupboards and I couldn’t find a good use for them.  However, I have learned from the many kind friends in my life for some useful ideas on how to use those jars.  So, I keep a few empty ones handy.

The small jars are great for nails, screws and knick knacks. The mid-sized one are great for salad dressings and you can just shake to emulsify the dressing and pour!  The taller jars are great for cut flowers and then I stick them into a basket or a container that normally won’t hold water, so you can’t see the glass container.   What do you use them for?

3 thoughts on “The Many Uses of a Glass Jar”

  1. I use small colored jars to root fresh cuttings. For small paint jobs, a medium sized jar with lid is easier to manage than a gallon can.
    Nuts and dried fruits stay fresh and airtight in reusable glass jars. I have a friend who uses a medium sized glass jar with lid as her water bottle. She says it’s healthier as glass imparts no chemicals into her water and the jar can be cleaned more thoroughly than plastic. Most of my jars are from jam and jellies and sauces. Recycling jars is a fun way to be creative and reduce pollution!

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