Paint SwatchesChoosing the color for the exterior of your home is very difficult.  The paint swatches that you get at the paint shop are very small and can be very deceiving because of its size.  Just remember that generally the color on your home will be much more intense than the color swatch.

So what’s a good color?  First, it depends where you live.  Each city, town and area has a different light, sky and background.  For example, in Hawaii, just looking at a dark painted house makes you feel hot!  But that same color would probably look fabulous in Seattle.  Think about the landscape around your home too.  Do you live near water, trees or desert?  The reflection off these can all vary.  Drive around your neighborhood and look at all the homes.  See which ones you like and have a positive reaction to.  That can help narrow your choice.

Color is also very personal.  While growing up, we don’t realize that colors have affected us psychologically as well.  If you grew up in a loving home that was painted blue, your reaction to blue will bring a soothing and comforting feeling because of your childhood.  This is a good thing, but remember to incorporate the location of your home.  Maybe that shade of blue is not suited in your current climate.  If that is the case, think of using it as an accent color, or in your home instead of for the exterior.  Learn to step back and look at the whole picture.  With a little bit of research, your decision will be more comforting.

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