Since studying Feng Shui for the last two years, I try to incorporate both design elements and feng shui principles into the way I design.  The common issue I encounter is, “Where should I start when trying to change the interior design of my home?”  We all get overwhelmed when we think about organizing and creating a personal touch to our own home.   Our thoughts run wild and we begin to panic when we think about all the square footage that we have to deal with.

First, define your home.  What style is it?  Craftsman, modern, traditional, contemporary, eclectic, etc.  What style are you going for?  Can you modify it to your liking?  Next, stick to that style throughout the house.  I remember my mother telling me about her wealthy Japanese friend who traveled the world.  They ended up renovating their home so each room represented a different country!  The Mrs. would go to the room that suited her mood for the day.  That could be pretty fun, but for most of us, this isn’t a practical solution or option.

Once you know what style you are comfortable with, start to break your home into sections or areas:  entry, hallways, living room, dining room, kitchen …. etc.   Working with one space at a time is doable.  I like starting with the front door and entry.

When meeting someone for the first time, we automatically have a first impression.  I think it’s the same with a home and the front door.  That is your first impression.   Try to keep the area welcoming and clean.   Plants are always cheerful and add color to the space.  Just remember to water them!  My problem is that we don’t use our front door entry that often.  Like many others, our family use the garage to get in and out of the house.  So what happens is, out of sight, out of mind.  I totally forget about the front door and its upkeep.

From a feng shui point of view, the entrance is very important.  It affects your image, your view to the world and also relates to money issues.  Since learning that, the upkeep of my entry has improved!

So, my recommendation would be to take your design issues one step at a time and begin with your entrance, both inside and out.  It will make you feel good and give you good ‘chi’ or ‘energy’.  Hope this energizes your day!

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2 thoughts on “Where do I begin?”

  1. Great advice about the entry. Even though I don’t pay much attention to the entry of my house, I realize that when I go to other’s homes I definitely am hit with a first impression. This is good impetus for me to refresh the plants on the front porch, too, after a long cold winter. Wonderful that you are blogging, Jenny, you have so much to teach and share!

  2. Hey Donna, thanks for reading the blog! You are my first comment – how fun is that! I’m still learning on what plants to choose in each location. Even though I read the description on the plants that say for example “partial shade”, it doesn’t always thrive….. My mother told me that if they don’t do well in one spot, move them. Guess that’s a start.

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