Many people find neutral colors boring.  But, I have to be honest with you, I love neutral colors.  It calms me.  Neutral colors allow other objects to shine, it gives them a platform.  So, please don’t dismiss them.  In design, starting with a neutral color and layering other colors, textures and patterns can help bring a simple space to life.  So, what do we mean by layering?

Let’s take a living room as an example.   The wall begins with a neutral color.  Maybe your trim is a contrasting white.  If you have a neutral sofa, it is easy to dress it up with colorful cushions, or even neutral cushions with a texture and pattern.  Then start adding different materials to match the colors in the cushion.  This helps pull the room together to make it look cohesive.  You can add your favorite colors through the accessories like an ornament, frame, bowl, toy, lamp or even fresh flowers.  Paintings with bold colors could be a very good focal point to your room too.  And against a neutral background it will shine!  Take advantage of those neutral colors and enjoy putting together a room full of your favorite things.

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