There are many design styles, such as; traditional, classical, contemporary, craftsman, English country, French country, Tuscan, Art Nouveau, bungalow, modern, Victorian, eclectic, Scandinavian, Asian and so many more.  The list is endless!  With so many different styles, it is no wonder that we all get confused.  The question to ask yourself is, what design style do you feel most comfortable with?  Which one makes you smile?  If your work is in a busy area do you want to relax at home?  On the other hand, if you spend the day in a quiet place you may want a bit of stimulation.  The decision is yours and who says what is right or what is wrong?

Many times our taste is shaped by our culture, heritage, places we lived or visited or even books we have read.  My taste tends to lean toward contemporary Asian/Ethnic.  With every home and country I have lived in, I found that subconsciously I have picked up some sort of influence.  At times it has hit me immediately, while others it seems to have grown on me.  But, the problem is I have a great variety of different things that I love and only one home that I live in!  In the gloomy winter months of the Northwest, some days I dream of going tropical.  I love those Bali homes with the open balconies, teak interiors and tropical greenery.   Somehow it would look a bit out of place in my neighborhood….. the practical side of me suppresses those desires.  But, I do have teak furniture on my deck and a few bougainvillea plants help create the mood in the summer.

But, back to design styles.  Due to the multicultural mix in the United States it is common to see a blend of various styles.  My suggestion when mixing styles is that it is important to have a cohesive color pallet and limit the number of colors.  By keeping your pallet under control, you can blend various styles without creating a confused space. What’s your design style?  Happy blending!

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