From an interior design perspective, yin is the quiet or non-active areas of the house while yang is the active and places of gathering.  Yang rooms are the living room, kitchen and dining and the yin would be the bathrooms and bedrooms.  In the Yang room it is fine to have stimulating objects and colors such as red.  From a psychological view, red stimulates the appetite that’s why it is often used in many restaurants.  They want you to eat and order more!  If you want to control your appetite, maybe it would be better to forgo the red, or limit it to one wall.  In the yang rooms, it’s good to have objects and art that stimulate your interests and inspire you.

On the other hand let’s take a look at the yin rooms.  These are rooms to give you time for restoring your energy, so it’s good if has a calming effect .  Soft pastel colors work nicely here, as do images of water and nature.  Also think about tactile things such as your linen.  Soft and gentle fabrics to the skin are always comforting.  Use all your senses to guide yourself to create your sanctuary.

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