In interior design, you often hear that a room needs a focal point.  So, is this really necessary?  Let’s first think of the benefits of a focal point; it attracts your vision which can ground the space, creates a mood or even personalizes your space.  In a living room, there are many items that can be a focal point, such as, a lovely object, a fireplace, a painting or a piece of furniture.  Such things can even be a conversation starter when entertaining company.  It’s nice when objects have meaning to your family’s life.

If you have no focal point, then try to create one.  It’s easy!  You can do this by grouping small objects together to make them appear larger or you can paint one wall a different color from the rest and place a lovely painting on it, or even a group of paintings.  If you have beautiful objects you want to display, one way to make them stand out is to make sure there is space around it.  Many times this is called breathing room.  Let the object breathe and it will be enjoyed by all.  What I also like to do is place something on a pedestal and all of sudden a simple object looks special.  Take a look at the pictures below of a Japanese sake bottle.  The first shows the bottle placed directly on a counter top.  The second shows the bottle on a bamboo pedestal.  A simple object now looks special because it is raised and looks significant.  Try doing this with some of your items at home.  Place a mat, board or even a tile underneath and see how it changes!

Some of us have many things we cherish and want to keep them all in our room.  Instead of having them all out on display, use restraint and think about storing a few objects, rotating them with the seasons or your moods.  When you bring them out after a long absence you may find new found appreciation.  Enjoy creating your own unique focal point.

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