House plantsWe are having unbelievably warm weather for Seattle and I love it!  All the neighbors are out doing yard work, planting flowers, trimming hedges and changing their landscape.  On our family deck I have red geraniums, some herbs, various plants in pots and two small hanging plants.  Not much but enough.  Over the years I realized that I can only handle so many plants.  If I go overboard, I tend to look the other way thinking that it will take me too long to water the plants and I go off to do something else.  I know, that’s not too smart.  Poor decisions create poor results.

Both my parents have green thumbs and I assumed that I definitely did not inherit that gene.  I always used to tell my mother that I was never good with plants and had little confidence in keeping them healthy.  But the truth was, I really didn’t know what I was doing.  Amazing what a little knowledge can do.  Now when I buy my plants I read all the tags, figure out the soil and sunlight needs.  By just following the directions they have been doing great!  If you really think about it, it’s rather embarrassing to realize how ignorant I was.

The other advice from my mother was if it wasn’t doing well in one spot, the plant is unhappy in that position, so move it.  What simple but great advice!  Sometimes I think we really have lost our common sense and it’s rather sad that someone has to remind us of things we should do instinctively.  I guess common is not so common any more.   And remember healthy plants create positive chi because the plants are happy!

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