I have a small tea canister made out of wood.  Every time I handle it, I get a very warm feeling and admire it’s wonderful color and grain.  It’s very simple yet very appealing and timeless.  In our throw away society, it’s nice to have something that is useful yet beautiful and won’t break.  I wish everything was like that.wood-tea-canister

Now that my kids are older, they use things with more care, most of the time, and I can buy nicer objects knowing that it won’t get trashed.  I also have a bit more time to take better care of what we own, so that it will last longer.  But, that’s the key – ‘time’.  When you have more time to spare, you can take the time to notice what needs to be done.  It’s like viewing a picture.  If it is too close you have no idea what it is.  But by just stepping back a few steps you can see the whole picture and it all makes sense.  Sometimes that is the same way with life.

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