I have the most fabulous yoga instructor, John, who is very spiritual and insightful in his teachings.  He approaches yoga not only through the physical but through the mental as well.  On the point of relaxation, he always has such good advice.  Being aware of your body is a good start.  Everyone creates their own tension in different areas of the body.  Some of the more common parts are your shoulders and jaws.  Yes, jaws.

As you are sitting at your desk at work think about where you feel tension.  Are you tightening your shoulders?  To relax them, raise them to your ears and drop them all the way down.  When they are down, they are relaxed.  Do this throughout the day and check your own tension.  This can be done with your jaw as well.  Drop your jaw down, and relax your tongue.  Shake it out and release your muscles.  It is amazing how much better you feel, because you are not draining your energy in places that you didn’t realize were sapping your energy in the first place!  Here’s to more energy!

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