Today I was cleaning my son’s rooms and I am always amazed at all the clothes on the floor.  They do have a chair in their room and to me that would be the logical place to throw your clothes.  But, almost without fail, it’s all on the floor.
I was just wondering, why the floor and not the chair?  If anyone has any ideas please let me know.  Their excuse is that it doesn’t bother them.  I guess we all have different tolerance levels.  But, then it got me thinking.  Is it really just a tolerance level or is it because after living in the mess for a couple weeks, they just don’t notice it anymore.

That’s why sometimes it’s good to move the furniture, décor, wall hangings or just clothes in the closet and create change.  It throws them off, but it also wakes them up.  That’s the same in any situation really.  Change is good because it gets you out of your comfort zone which can create growth.  Every time my boys take on a new challenge whether it is sports, social or academics, I see they gain a little more insight on how to deal with others and themselves in different situations.

Try moving something around today to create a change in the energy of your home.
Maybe you’ll notice something new.

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