Feng shui principles teach us to follow nature’s patterns.  As the grass turns yellow and leaves begin to change color, we realize summer is coming to an end.   Many fruits and nuts ripen and there is a lot of good autumn food we can enjoy like sweet potatoes, mushrooms, apples, pumpkins, squash, chestnuts and persimmons.  It is good to incorporate seasonal fruit and vegetables into your diet.

In the same way, it is also good to make small seasonal changes in your home as well.  Think about changing your cushion covers and throws for the season or just changing the towels in your powder room.  By bringing in the fall colors such as deep reds, warm oranges, chocolate browns and mustard yellows, the home can feel warm against the cooling temperatures.  Look to nature for color inspirations.  Just by placing a bowl of seasonal fruit on your table can add color too!

And don’t forget about textures.  I like the soft and fuzzy throws that feel so warm to cuddle under.  Also, as we lose sunlight with grayer skies, there may be a need for more interior light.  Add a few more lamps if necessary.  And don’t forget about indoor plants.  Bring some of that greenery inside the home to help you connect with nature. Small changes can really boost your spirits!

Photo: Pixabay

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