In tough economic times, we all have mood swings.  One minute we worry about the future and the next we have optimism with what change will bring.

But, from past experiences there are a few things I do know.  We lived in Japan for many years and enjoyed the booming years and then the bust years that followed.  Although we left Tokyo in 1994, we still have family and close friends who reside there that we are still in contact with.  Today they are still struggling through tough economic times, but they have adapted.

So, what did and does well during the economic downturn?  People don’t want to spend money, nor do they have much anyway.   When we have more time and less money we do some soul searching.   One business that has done well was a music school owned by my mother’s friend.  That made sense to me.  Why not pick up an instrument and learn to play.  Although it takes time and commitment, the results are very rewarding and it can help us release our creativity in a different way.

The other point my Japanese friends made was that they spent more time at home.  Because of this, they wanted to improve the space to make them feel secure and happy. This is what feng shui teaches us. Treat your home with care and respect.  Buy a plant or two to cheer up the space and bring new chi into your home.   Clear the clutter and give away the things you don’t use and need anymore.  Release the burden of owning so many things and it will allow you to have new space to accept changes in your life.  Change is hard but change is good.

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2 thoughts on “Accepting Change”

  1. Jenny,

    What a wonderful article! I have just happened on your website and am in the midst chaotic times. Reading your views on change made me take some deep breaths and realize that it is all for the best.

    Thank you,
    Karen Barnes

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