Unlike the homes of the 70’s and 80’s where the kitchen, dining and living rooms were all separated into individual rooms, families today enjoy the use of a great room.  The great room usually incorporates the kitchen, family room and casual dining area.  We tend to watch T.V. and generally ‘live’ in this space.  This layout is more in tune with today’s casual and personable lifestyle.

From a feng shui perspective, this is the heart of the home, the place where all the activities come together, so it is a very yang room.   The great room is where there should be lots of contact with family members and should also encourage good communication.   It is important to create such spaces.  Designated areas with a designated activity is what I would classify as a zone.

Let’s start with the kitchen zone.  There should be a zone for the cook.   Nowadays, it’s also useful to have enough space for more than one worker in the kitchen. Let’s take a look at the island.   An island provides an area for more people to participate in food preparation.   Personally, I like a flat island.  I am not very keen on having a counter with a bar, because it separates people,  creating specific roles.  It makes the person behind the counter take the role as the chef/server while those on the other side of the counter are the customer, waiting to be served.  Often the latter, sit at the bar and don’t get off their backside!  I prefer having a flat island where there is no barrier and hopefully, friends and family will be conscientious enough to lend a helping hand!

The dining area is another zone.  Placing a solid table with comfortable chairs, preferable with a back and large seat, will allow many to linger and enjoy time with one another.  Stools and benches are okay for short periods of time, but chairs with a back are always more comfortable.

Most of us do watch T.V. which becomes the focal point of the family room zone.   This area tends to have the sofa and chairs facing the T.V..  This is fine.  Just make the space comfortable by adding tactile items such as soft cushions and a throw.   Ottomans are also a nice addition.  And remember to keep the coffee table or side tables within easy reach.  When watching T.V., you want to get yourself set up and have easy access to all your needs without having to get up.  If you’re anything like me,  you will be in that seat for a minimum of a half hour…. more likely it would be closer to an hour!  Aiya!

With all these zones, you come to understand that having zones help you utilize your space to the maximum.   If your room allows for more zones, go ahead and create a gaming zone, computer zone, art zone or a reading zone.  Think of the activities you and your family enjoy.  Make the most out of your space!

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