With the over exposure of feng shui in the U.S., there are many misconceptions circulating over the internet. Because of this when I mention that I am a student of feng shui and practice its teachings, some assume that I am a new age hippie. Although I consider myself an optimistic person, I do not fit that image.

One of the misconceptions is that feng shui gadgets will bring various forms of luck into your life. In many schools of feng shui, figurines, trinkets and gadgets are used to “cure” a space that is believed to have bad feng shui. Many of these cures, such as Chinese coins, dragons, fu dogs, etc. are cultural symbols and customs of China. In Japan, we have many of those trinkets and cultural symbols too. My favorite is the frog, which in my company name and logo. Frog in Japanese is “kaeru” which is a homonym. The other meaning for “kaeru” means to return. Therefore, it is a common cultural practice for Japanese to have a little frog in their coin purse, symbolizing any money you spend will “return”. So, in 3 frogs design, all the energy that is injected into your design will return as energy in another form!

We all want to be lucky!That is why Las Vegas has boomed for many years.All of us imagine that we could be that lucky person who is going to win that jackpot.I’m just as gullible as everyone else.My take is, if someone is going to win, why not me?Someday I’m going to win that lottery even if my husband thinks I’m nuts!Luck is when something happens by chance or by accident where no skill or effort is involved, just like the lottery.The only skill is to purchase a ticket.

Now, let’s get back to feng shui.As a student of Form School Feng Shui, we have learned that it is not part of the practice to use gadgets to bring luck.We must learn to separate the two.Feng shui is not about luck.Luck is random, being at the right place at the right time without knowing.Instead, feng shui that Master Hsu teaches, explains how the actual forms of a space defines the living energy.As a living entity we are influenced by the energy that surrounds us.That is what is so exciting for me.We all have the power to influence the energy that surrounds us!

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