Happy 2010! Wishing everyone good health, much success, prosperity and happiness.

2010 in the Japanese zodiac is the year of the tiger. The tiger represents courage, confidence, strength, love and adventure.  These all are wonderful qualities that anyone would want.  May we all be blessed with the tiger spirit throughout the year.

The past year I spent reading and listening to many motivational and self-help books.  It seems the older I get, the more spiritual I have become.  Here are a few things that really stood out that helped me which I’d like to share;  don’t judge the person, judge the situation, always serve others and keep an open heart.  I hope to put these things into practice on a daily basis and I hope they will help others too.

That’s the spiritual side of my thoughts but on the practical side, here is one of my New Year’s resolutions.  Like many, I always start with good intentions, but they seem to fade quickly.  It is my hope that a few will stick around longer than usual.  Here is one that I plan to do.  If something is broken, fix it quickly.  This sounds fairly simple, but in reality it doesn’t always happen in a timely manner.  Although something needs fixing there are times when it is put on the back burner.  The intention is to correct the situation as soon as possible but somehow it just doesn’t get done – procrastination.  Through experience, this can lead to even bigger problems!  So, this year that is one of my resolutions; if it can be fixed, do it quickly.  Please share your resolutions too.  Happy 2010!

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