During the dark winter months, it’s a treat to enjoy summer fruit like avocado.  So, today I will pull one out of the freezer and use it in my salad.  One summer day I was at Trader Joe’s doing my grocery shopping and spotted small pieces of avocado at their sampling table.  Yes, it was frozen avocado.  I didn’t know you could freeze avocados!  What flashed through my mind were all those years when I bought a bag of avocados at Costco only to see a few of them get over-ripe and I would have to throw them out.  I hate throwing food out, it bothers me.  So why didn’t I think of freezing them?

To freeze an avocado, you must wait until it is ripe.  Then cut it in half and remove the skin and pit.  Wrap each half in saran wrap, plastic wrap, cling film or whatever you wish to call it.  Then place it in a freezer bag and pop it in the freezer.  Now you can use it anytime and they cut easily when frozen and defrost in no time.  My parents who live in Honolulu have an avocado tree in their back yard.  This fall their tree was full of huge avocados and she was struggling to give them away.  When I told her that they could be frozen she was thrilled.  So, we got to work right away and now she can enjoy them later on in the year.

Update:  My girlfriend froze her avocados and left them out to defrost to use later that day.  She told me her avocados turned brown.  I have never defrosted my avocados because once I slice them the defrost very quickly and I just toss them in a salad.  Anyone else having issues with this?  Please let us know!

5 thoughts on “Frozen Avocados”

  1. Jenny, What a great nugget of information. I also love avocadoes and had no idea they could be frozen.

    You might consider the occasional short post on food facts. I never used bok choy, for example, until 2 or 3 years ago. Often when I buy it now,people will ask (1) What is that? and (2) What do you do with it?

  2. Hi Jen,
    I tried making your tuna musubi. As I had some avocado, I added a piece in it and served
    it for lunch. The comment was: It is delicious – what is it? Try it!
    Also, I suggest you video more cultural things especially Japanese culture and food because my friends on the Big Island live out in the country where you can hardly see their
    neighbor. However, they keep in touch with e-mails. I fly from Honolulu periodically to teach a class in Japanese art and I’ve noticed that they take tremendous interest in learning about it since they feel detached on their island. I have sent them messages to log into your videos. So, please produce more videos on “how to” Japanese cooking, etc.

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