Over the past few years the trend in bathroom sinks is the glass vessel.  In fact, there are more and more varieties in the market by the day.  Which means they must sell and people like them.  I must be honest; I am not a glass person.  We all have materials that resonate with our taste and mine leans toward wood and ceramics.

Yes, I understand glass vessels come in a variety of colors and shapes, and therefore can definitely make a statement in a small powder room.  And yes, some are very beautiful. But here are my concerns that outweigh the aesthetic value.  When I go to the bathroom, I want to relax.  Instead, because the vessel is made out of glass my thoughts would be, I must be very careful. I would be stressed out thinking I may knock it causing it to crack.  Or, if I’m clumsy, I would drop something and it would break.  These thoughts affect my subconscious.  Not relaxing!

The other point is maintenance.  This check point is always on top of my list when purchasing something; don’t know why, must be in my DNA.

How can you clean this thing if you can’t see and reach behind it when it is stuck to your counter top? Also, water marks on glass are always visible.  Am I being too critical or anal?  Okay, if you own one of these, can you please tell me why it works for you because I have difficulty seeing the benefits.  Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Why use a Glass Vessel for a Sink?”

  1. I’m with you, Jenny. Glass is lovely, but powder rooms usually have a mirror, and that’s enough glass. If you’ve got a window, too, I think the glass component is well taken care of.

    One concern I have with bowl sinks is that they are equipped with an overflow drain, because people do get distracted and sinks have been known to get clogged.

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