Searching the internet I came across the top 10 New Year’s Resolutions at

Here’s the condensed list:
1.    Spend more time with family and friends
2.    Fit in Fitness
3.    Tame the Bulge
4.    Quit Smoking
5.    Enjoy Life More
6.    Quit Drinking
7.    Get out of Debt
8.    Learn Something New
9.    Help Others
10.    Get Organized

After reading the list, this is probably the same list in everyone’s mind but in a different order.  We all know what to do and we know what’s good for us, but why don’t we ever do it? What holds us back?  Why can’t we seem to get our act together?  So, I was wondering what would happen if instead of focusing on what we should be doing to improve our poor habits, why not focus on improving what we actually do well?   Will increasing our confidence in one area help boost the other habits that may need work?  Or will the bad habits just get worse?
Many professional athletes are exceptional at what they do.  But that is no guarantee for them to be exceptional in their private lives.  Unfortunately, we have been trained to think that they should be wonderful people too.  Although common sense should guide us on thoughts, we often ignore this.  Why have we lost our natural process of thought?  What makes us go off the track?  Do our lives contain too many distractions?  How can we overcome this?

Here is my new approach to New Year’s Resolutions.  Work on developing something you are very good at and something that you are poor at. This is the feng shui approach to the New Years resolution, one yin activity to balance the yang activity.  If I follow my own theory, this year I will focus on my feng shui interior design practice by reading, studying and being aware of my actions by practicing what I preach.  At the same time I will work on just one thing that needs critical attention – procrastination.  What will your yin-yang resolution be?

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