James Cameron’s epic movie Avatar was a real treat to the senses.  But what really resonated with me was the Na’vi on Pandora.

The Na’vi live in harmony with nature which is true Feng Shui!  How they live and how they respect their environment was really inspiring.

They talk about their spiritual connection “Eywa” which I interpreted to be what we call “Qi” in Feng Shui.  This unseen life energy that exists is what keeps them all connected to and be a part of nature.   The Na’vi pay their respect to all living things including plants and animals and they do not abuse what nature has provided. We must re-learn those ways.  In taiji we learn that life is a cycle and I believe we are ready to embrace nature and return to our roots.

A good way to start would be on an individual level by simply recycling and re-evaluating our real needs as opposed to just wants.  Small steps in the right direction is a good beginning.

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