Dining at a counter is good when you are in a rush and is very convenient.  However, dining at a table is a good way to get a family to communicate on an equal level.   Take the time to enjoy a meal, not a rushed grab and go, but a meal that allows time for conversation. Try to do this as often as possible. Even once a week will be better than never.

The pace of life in today’s society leaves little time for families to be a family. We are so busy with work, school, athletics, activities, interests, volunteering and more. This is not a bad thing, but a reality. So, how does dining at a table improve relationships?

1. Sitting at a table as opposed to a bar or at a counter top allows for closer proximity to one another.

2. If you are working behind a counter and serving someone, you are usually pre-occupied with another activity.

3. When all together at a table, conversation becomes natural.

4.  You are not on equal ground when one is sitting at the counter and one is behind the counter.

5.  Sitting side by side is difficult to engage in conversation because of the body position

Being seated at a table forces you to be in the moment, which is to share a meal and to see one another at the same eye level. Whether it is at home or in a restaurant does not matter. Be interested in each others activities; encourage, support and ask questions. Communication to build a relationship requires time: time to listen, time to understand and your full attention. Be a family.

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