In an earlier blog I wrote about the Tai-chi symbol, but it really should have been written as Tai-ji, because that is a more accurate pronunciation.  Sorry about that.  The Tai-ji or the Yin-Yang theory tells us that everything in the universe has a polar opposite and when there is balance we have harmony.

So what does that mean? Let’s look at this from our daily lives.  We all have a unique amount of energy per day.  Some of us need more sleep than others.  My girlfriend said she was envious of her friend who only needed five hours of sleep and had so much time to do many things.  She, on the other hand functioned well with eight hours of sleep.  With only one life, she felt her friend was doing more ‘living’.  Well, I thought about that and replied, maybe my girlfriend will end up living longer and so in the end will have just as much ‘living’ to do.  Okay, I’m going off topic again.  What I want to stress is that we all have to work with our individual limits.

When we focus on an activity, we become quite good at it because of the time and energy we spent.  However, if we spend too much time on one activity and neglect others, the Yin-Yang balance is upset causing disharmony in our lives.  So, how much is too much?  Usually, we know the answer ourselves and justify our own actions.  Ask yourself, what is most important at this time of your life?   For me, it’s the well-being of my family, my husband, kids and friends.  So, if I focus too much on myself I know I begin to neglect the family.  It’s finding the right Tai-ji.  Circumstances constantly change so it is good to be aware and reassess once in a while,reminding yourself that balance is vital.

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