Many think of Feng Shui as a superstitious practice. But we cannot judge without actually taking the time to learn the truth.  With time and age our minds and hearts become more closed.  When we see pure emotions we remember to keep our hearts and minds open. Recently, I was fortunate to be reminded of this.

For the last 3 weeks we hosted a wonderful young French exchange student from Nantes.  It has been a great experience for my son and all those that participated. In a months time our children will be heading to their correspondent’s homes for their France experience.

It has been heartwarming to see how young people bond in such a short period of time.  Beyond the differences of culture and language, the students share curiosity and open hearts to experience life so different from their own.  As adults we begin to be set in our ways and flexibility or change becomes more difficult.  Funny how we must learn from our children to remain honest and open.
If you are not around young people too often, try to find an opportunity to spend time with them and remember not to judge but to understand.  Being open to something small is one step forward and soon we will be open to everything. Life if full of surprises!


Image by Karsten Paulick from Pixabay

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