Together the Yin-Yang symbolizes the whole entity, separated they symbolize polar opposites.

  • Yin,  the black shaped tadpole represents the passive energy; cold, night, winter, hard, female, down, decrease, smooth
  • Yang, the white shaped tadpole represents the active energy; hot, day, summer, soft, male, up, increase, rough

Once you understand the Yin-Yang principle, you can analyze anything, even something as simple as a pencil! There are two components; the lead and wood.  The wood is passive therefore yin while the lead is what marks the paper and thus yang.  But, we don’t need to analyze a pencil.  In feng shui we use the principle to analyze and balance the space.

If you want the room to be more yang, you would increase the lights, add fabrics with more texture and brighter colors.  For a more yin room, less windows, softer colors and fabrics resonate with the passive energy.

Photo: Pixabay

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