In feng shui, the exterior of your home reflects your image you present to the world.

On a clear, sunny day it is easy to see the colors, shapes and landscaping of your home.  However, the exterior of a home looks very different depending on the time of day and season.  Here in the Northwest, sunny days can be rare during winter months.  Gray skies changes the tone of colors and everything starts to look a little depressing.

Exterior lighting can really make a difference to illuminate the space to feel more inviting and cheerful.  But don’t forget the main function is for safety.  It keeps trespassers away and allows cars and pedestrians coming to the home to see where they are going.

Today there are varieties of lighting you can choose from.  Here are a few:
1.    Exterior Sconces usually face down lighting the ground to illuminate paths
2.    Post top lights are thin as not to block any view and are useful to light a larger area, usually used for larger landscapes
3.   Lanterns are common on the exterior of garages and frame front doors
4.    Landscape lighting can highlight trees, rocks, statues, fountains and creates a wonderful ambiance.
Using a combination of these lights can really accentuate your home.

Here are a few other things to think about.
1.    Light pollution: Too much lighting in the wrong areas can bother your neighbors depending on proximity.  Be considerate.
2.    Motions sensors: These switch on only when someone or something walks by, therefore saving power, reducing light pollution and helps frighten intruders.
3. Photosensitive: This means it is sensitive to light, so it will turn on when dark and off when there is enough light, again an energy saver.
4.   Photovoltaic: PV generates electrical power using energy cells.  Using the sun’s energy to run the cells is environmentally and economically wise.

When choosing lighting for the exterior of your home, it is good to be aware of these points.  One last thing, don’t forget to match the style of light with the style of your home.

Photo: Pixabay

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