Window treatments refers to curtains, drapes, blinds, shutters or any type of accessory used to cover or decorate a window.

A window in your bathroom is a wonderful feature to allow light into the space.  If it is operable as opposed to a fixed window, that’s even better so consider yourself lucky!
When you look out this window what is your view?  Remember that if you can see your neighbor’s window or a street they can see you.  You will need some form of window treatment for privacy.  But you can also consider these other options that still allow for light yet is private.

1.    Frost the window
2.    Use textured glass
3.    If space allows, build a fence, grow a hedge or place tall potted plants to partially hide the window.

If the above suggestions don’t do the trick you will have to find a suitable window treatment.  A bathroom has moisture where mold can grow easily.  So here are a few things to consider when choosing a window treatment:
1.  make sure it is water proof.  The cellular shades are not a good choice.
2.  make sure it can’t warp.  Real wood may not be suitable
3.  make sure it can be washed or wiped down:  If mold does appear, it should be washed.
4. Can you control light?
5. Can you control the view?

When we moved into our home, the master bath already had sheer cellular blinds.  Over time, mold appeared and I called the manufacturer to inquire on how this could be treated.  Unfortunately, those blinds could not be washed and my only option was to throw them in the garbage.  It felt like such a waste, but it was the wrong choice for the space.  Instead, I now have white faux wood blinds that I can wipe down with a wet cloth.  I can control the view and light and the white looks sanitary and cheerful.  That’s what I call no stress maintenance!

2 thoughts on “What Window Treatments Work Well in a Bathroom?”

  1. The first thing that comes to our mind is privacy,when thinking of bathroom window treatments.Top down bottom up shades or duofold shades are very popular for privacy. These shades can be lowered from the top or raised from the bottom. This allows light into the room but still provides privacy especially for second story bathrooms.

  2. Yes, I you are absolutely right that top down bottom up shades work well for privacy! Also, I like the fact that you can control your view. Just make sure the material you choose will not be affected by water, steam and mold, if used in a bathroom.

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