Feng Shui stresses that a good environment is one that has creates good relationships;  not only with our physical environment but with our family.

With the busy lifestyles of today, many find they lack time to spend with their children. But, we do have slots of time during the day when we can communicate with them.  For many parents, driving the kids to and from school, athletics, and activities is a necessity.  In a confined space, it is a good time to inquire how their day went.  Being a good listener allows one to be aware of their child’s well-being.

For working parents, a good time to listen is during meals. Turn off the T.V., cell phones and computers and enjoy each others company.  If you come home so late that you miss the evening meal with your family, once in a while bring home dessert so you can share some time with everyone.  In many countries, they take a break during the day with tea and snacks.  Have snack time together with the kids after school.

The key point is to create the opportunity to take the time to listen without distractions, so you can be fully present when they communicate to you. When you communicate on a daily basis like this, you will know when something is not quite right just by their tone, body language or attitude.  This may be the time when you can give them the support they truly need.

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