When I began studying Feng Shui over three years ago, I had no idea that there were many different schools of Feng Shui, each teaching very different concepts.  I encountered Master Hsu and his Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute when he was a guest speaker at an Ikebana International meeting.  His message was so captivating that soon I was one of his students.

Dr. Hsu teaches Form School Feng Shui, the true Feng Shui whereby “Form defines energy”.  It’s all about qi, which means “living energy or life force”.  Form School uses no gadgets or gimmicks and separates theory from culture, superstition and folklore.  That is why it appeals to me.  Don’t get me wrong, like the Japanese frog trinket, I love cultural superstitions, numerology and folklore, but I now know that it is separate from Feng Shui.

In this age of the internet, there has been so much confusion that it’s very difficult to decipher all the information.  Since my heritage is Japanese and I cannot read or understand Chinese, I do not have the ability to read the old books on Feng Shui.  This means many of us in the West must rely on others.   Not only do we have to rely on those translating the books, but also to understand the history and circumstances of the time the books were written.  Just because a concept has been written, does not prove that it is legitimate.  As with many things in life, there are influences that can misguide the innocent and naive.  With my frustration of reading so many contradicting theories on Feng Shui, I kept asking Dr. Hsu for answers.  And the most amazing part is, he always had one!  All this pestering has led to a book!  I am happy to announce that Dr. Hsu and I are in the process of writing a book ,  Feng Shui:   Truths, Myths and Misconceptions that we hope to have published by this summer.  As the title denotes, it is to help those like myself, who are constantly searching for answers but can’t seem to find anything that makes sense to us.  It is so exciting for me to be learning about the wonders of Qi!

3 thoughts on “Did you know that Form School Feng Shui is the Original Feng Shui?”

  1. I have a big true first hand feng shui story to tell the world, and would like to share with you.

    The first book documenting cosmic impact on personal life, illustrated with
    global celebrities for authenticity. Here are some examples:

    Why did Richard Nixon become the US president at age 55? Could he have avoided the Watergate incident? Why did Superman, Christopher Revee, incur a fatal fall from a horse while he excelled so much in so many sports? Would the knowing the cosmic impact avert the incident?
    John Jr. Kennedy had his four vital events occurred in the interval of a 12-year period: death of father, 1963, death of step-father, 1975, resign from prosecutor post, 1987, death, 1999. Reasons? Why did Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis marry twice in a metal years and widowed twice in the wood years? Why did Linda Evans (the head actress in “Dynasty”) broke practically all her relationships in wood years? Why did Ingrid Bergman committed marital affairs at age 38-41?
    Why did Robert Taylor made 7 movies (the highest production in one single year in his life) in 1935 (a powerful wood year) and, no movie in 1945 and 1961 (powerful metal years)? How did metal flow destroy a mathematics professor (Tek Kaczynski)? Knowing the cosmic, could he have lived a different life?
    We live under the mercy of the cosmic flows! The Truth of Ups & Downs illustrates a procedure to understand our personal cosmic flow and how to properly attune to it with the use of perpetual lunar calendars. The procedure is called the 4-pillars or Bazi, long popularly discussed but never properly documented.
    The book includes many simple guidelines and an easy fool-proof procedure to map and read our cosmic energy. It has 110 years of lunar calendars on tracts of cosmic flows by year, month and days for easy tracking on its move.
    The book is available @:www.eloguentbooks.com/TruthofUps&Downs.html

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