SunsetChange is the new “it” word that has emerged with President Obama.  According to the Chinese principles of the Tai Ji, the universe is never static so we are always changing.  This is the same for how we live in our society today, nothing stays the same.

In the U.S. after many years of material greed, self indulgences and irresponsibility, we are now paying for our own actions.  This is true in respect to our homes.  Bigger was better.  Bigger home, more electronics, larger T.V. screen, huge bathrooms, theatre rooms  and garages that fit 20 cars was what everyone wanted.  Excess was the sign of success.  But with bigger comes bigger responsibilities, bigger debt and more to take care of.  After this cycle of over stimulation and over indulgences,  the Taiji cycle in Feng Shui teaches us; there will always come a time when the cycle peaks, there is no where to go but descend.

Now being frugal, minimalist and green is in.  Our attitudes toward life are returning to the past, although different in many aspects, it is similar to how our parents grew up; living within our means.  It is the inevitable natural cycle of the tai ji. In our lives today, we are looking for quality instead of quantity.  Quality time with family and friends, quality in the things we own, a quality of life that brings us simple pleasures yet great satisfaction.  We can learn from our elders and listen to their wisdom.   Feng Shui teaches us that we are on the circular path back to simplicity.  Let nature take its course.

4 thoughts on “Feng Shui of the Ages: A Return to Simplicity”

  1. Jenny, I love this post! Besides blogging, I’m a real estate lender – and I agree 1000%. In the last 12 years the loans I gave kept getting bigger and bigger, and people were putting down less and less. It made me really nervous. But, your right in saying a smaller home makes for a more manageable life in every area from maintenance to financially. Simple is best.

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