Asians love to do character analysis using charts and formulas. One of the most popular methods in Japan that is gaining popularity around Asia is blood type analysis .  So do you know what your blood type is?  Most people don’t know.  If you were born in the United States, they don’t tell you what your blood type is, and unless you’ve had blood work done, there really is no need to find out.

There are four different types:  A, B, O and AB. There is also the Rh factor making each either positive or negative.  However, in this analysis, the Rh factor does not come into play, they are only concerned what type you are.  Now do you recall all those biology classes….and that blood type is inherited?

When I was growing up, there were a few common knowledge characteristics, but depending on which book you read, these can vary….so please take this with a grain of salt.

  • A: Type A persons are hard working, detail oriented and very organized.
  • B: Type B’s are known to go “my way” and are individualistic
  • O: O’s see the big picture and are dependable leaders
  • AB: Due to the combination of A and B, they are considered to be   difficult to read, yet   creative.

For more characteristics visit Issendai’s Lair.

They say the majority of Japanese are type A.  According to the Racial and Ethnic Distribution of Blood Types these are the breakdown of blood type percentages in various countries:

  • Japanese :   38% A,  22% B,  30% O and 10% AB
  • Chinese in Beijing:  27 % A, 32% B, 29% O and 13% AB
  • Korean:  32% A, 31% B, 28% O and 10% AB
  • Vietnamese:  22% A, 30% B, 42% O and 5% AB
  • All USA:  42% A, 10% B, 42% O and 4% AB
  • U. K.: 42% A, 8% B, 47% O and 3% AB

This is a fun chart to check out so please have a look.  Just by looking at the numbers, it is interesting to see so few B’s and AB’ s in the U.S. and U.K.

Similar to other horoscope systems, blood type also has charts that indicate compatibility. My memory isn’t too good so I found this chart at Issendai’s Lair

  • A is most compatible with A and AB.
  • B is most compatible with B and AB.
  • AB is most compatible with AB, B, A, and O.
  • O is most compatible with O and AB.

Just by looking at this, if you’re AB, you get along with everyone!

I remember we used to enjoy discussing blood types to find a suitable boyfriend or husband. But, I don’t recall anyone actually using this method when she chose her spouse.  However, the funny part was, if there was a disagreement amongst husband and wife, often the wife would blame his blood type!  So, it’s like blaming a character to something you have no control over.   This type of topic was always a good icebreaker at a party and was a fun way to get to know everyone in a short time.

So, if you have a chance, find out what blood type you are and see if the traits match your personality. Recently, I also found something that might attract Asians who enjoy looking for ways to analyze characters.  This one is called, Intuition Quotient at Mystic Musings. If you don’t know your blood type this may be a good conversation starter at your next party!  Now you have two topics that will make your party a success!

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31 thoughts on “Japanese Blood Type Character Analysis.”

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  3. This is a great article, thanks for sharing this informative information.. I will visit your blog regularly for some latest post. I know most people at face value just take what they are told by Astrologers. It is a very complex science. Can it finally find the best partner and make things better?

  4. @BL@UK thanks for visiting my blog. Astrology is a completely different study that I don’t know much about, but I do think that the moon and universe does affect us. Maybe finding the right partner needs an open heart and mind as well.

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  6. I am blood type B, and I’m looking for a good time management system for my blood type. Can’t seem to find anything online that was written specifically for this subject. (I am familiar with GTD (Get Things Done by David Allen), Autofocus by Mark Forster and his others, also Steven Covey 7 habits.) What are your thoughts on best time management systems practices for the blood types?

  7. Hi Brenda,
    Time management and blood type is an interesting topic. I do know GTD and 7 Habits and have tried them myself. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked too well….I am blood type B as well. However, I enjoy many of the suggestions on the blog called Goodlife Zen, by Mary Jasch and Zen Habits by Leo Baubuta has some good tips too. With my personality, Mary’s Zen approach seems to work better for me. Her link is on the recommended site of this blog. Hope you can find some helpful tips.

  8. @mauglivnl
    I am not quite sure of your question, but believe you are asking if you are an ABO positive can your partner have the same blood type? Yes, if you and your partner are the same blood type you will resonate with each other in many ways to you are compatible.

  9. Im amazed by the realization that who i am has been contributed by my blood group. My whole family on my fathers side is blood group A+,and my mum side is O+. I’m Blood group A+, and a very hardworking organized girl, creative, detailed and perfectionist in all i do! I have been top of my class not exceeding no.4. in all my school life. I’m a lecturer now in an interior design school and im challeged by trying to expect the best out of my students! How do i calm down and stop pushing people so much?

  10. I’m blood group A+ and I have been dating a blood group O+ FOR 7 YRS NOW. The relationship has been very rocky bt i cant detarch myself,and i want to live a happy life. Do u think hes the best blood type for me? Which blood type is the most compatible with a A+ in matters of love?

  11. Hi Evelyn,
    I am no professional on blood type analysis, but from the information of your bloodtype your current job is a perfect match. A types are said to be meticulous, plus with your mother’s O in your system, you are leader. You may need to incorporate more of the O side in you and try to see the “bigger picture.” for each student. They may not do perfect work, but they have other qualities that you can nurture as their instructor.
    As for your relationship, they say A and O is a good match, so just be accepting of the other person and don’t try to control them. Hope this helps.

  12. Hi Jenny,
    I work for Stanford Blood Center and this would make for a great piece on our blog. Would it be okay for me to use this, crediting you as the provider of the information?

  13. hi
    I’m B+ and an Electrical Engineer , i wish if i were a journalist and i’m very eager to accomplish my tasks with full concentration.but I’ve have one bad behavior i’m self centered and don’t give a shit to anybody …now i understand the problem comes form ma blood group thank’s for sharing.

  14. Kaboobee Ankhmanre

    I am a heavily Copper toned nappy headed male and I am zero- and I am looking for the truth about my blood type. It’s hard to find honesty in America.

  15. @Dave: You’re right, only 4 different general categories, but you can have influences of another blood type. For example, my father is O and my mother is B, I am B. However, they say I will have traces of O.
    @ritika: There is no bad match. Just differences.

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  19. My mom blood type O and my father is blood type A…Now i understand why people said that i have the same personality as my mom rather than my dad because i am type O…Thanks.

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