This is a special blog article because I am currently passionate about this subject – Blogging!

My blog has become a part of me where I can share my little knowledge with everyone. If anyone gets something out of it, there is great satisfaction that I could be of help in some way.  In reality, we can all share our knowledge. That’s why if you have any urge to blog, I encourage you to do so.  In honesty, I found it took a while to get going because you have to motivate yourself.  However, this spring, I came across the A-list Blogging Boot Camps and it has helped me improve my message and blog.  They are now offering a new Bootcamp called How to Make Your Blog Pay the Bills. Now, wouldn’t that be nice!  The truth is, they have done it themselves and proved that it can and does work.  So, I’m all excited again!  If you are interested in joining, please keep reading and click How to Make Your Blog Pay the Bills here.  You can join until May 15th.
How to Make Your Blog Pay the Bills
May 16 -20,  2010
With Leo Babauta and Mary Jaksch
What you will learn:
Module 1: How it’s done  (May 16)
  • Leo Babauta’s case study: how I became a pro blogger – and you can too
  • Set up the foundation first: how to get the audience
  • Next steps – what’s beyond the foundation
  • Learn core strategies of career bloggers
Module 2: The world of advertising  (May 17)
  • How to make a success of Google ads (includes little-known advanced strategies)
  • Reap benefits from Affiliate programs
  • How to get into ad networks – and test them
  • Sell your own ads: how to go about it.
…with Guest Presenter Daniel Scocco of “Online” and “

Module 3: Key strategies for selling services and memberships (May 18)
  • How to create opportunities for freelancing
  • How to set up a consulting business
  • How to create lucrative membership programs
...with Guest Presenter: Jonathan Fields of

Module 4: Make money through creating your own products (May 19)

  • How to decide what products to create
  • How to create Ebooks that actually sell
  • How to land a print book
  • How to create killer podcasts
  • What you need to know in order to create successful courses

Module 5: How to manage your business  (May 20)

  • How to start frugally
  • Key tools: which key products and services to use
  • What you need to know about customer service
  • The strategy of adding more blogs
  • Get more done with less time: automate your business
  • Step up to the big time with joint ventures
  • How to grow your empire without getting stressed out: create a team

Can I do this Bootcamp from anywhere?

All A-List Blogging Bootcamps are virtual – you can participate from anywhere in the world.
Who is this Bootcamp for?
“How to Make Your Blog Pay the Bills” is for bloggers who already have some experience. If you don’t yet have a blog, this Bootcamp may not be right for you – except if you’re super keen and want to fast-track…
How much does the Bootcamp cost?
The investment for this Bootcamp is $449
We confidently expect that bloggers will earn this amount back – and more – within months, not years.
Go to the website:

How to Make Your Blog Pay the Bills

Hope you join me on this new adventure of blogging!

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