Form School feng shui principles state, Form Defines Energy.

Simply put, if the form changes then the energy changes. Let’s say you have lived in the same house for many years without remodeling, and the basic form of the house remains the same.  The energy within your home, is more or less the same.  But, what about the exterior environment of the house.  Yes, the landscape could change.  Also, the surrounding homes may have been rebuilt and over the years the town may have grown.  These are all changes in form and therefore, even if your residence hasn’t changed, there will inevitably be changes in the energy.

Take for example where I live.  According to my friends who have lived here all their lives, this area was considered ‘country’,  mostly filled with strawberry farms.  This pleasant town was separated to the main city by a lake and it took over an hours drive if you had to commute to the city.  Then, a new bridge was built, connecting the two.  Suddenly, the long drive around the lake was cut down to one fourth the time.  The energy changed.  The quiet country town grew overnight because it had become a convenient area that still retained that small town feel.  However, today it continues to grow and there are no strawberry fields left.  The landscape is completely different.

Imagine if you lived in the same house during all this change.  Whether you were happy with the development is not a concern for the energy.  It just happens. The living environment changed, so the feng shui changed as well. Therefore, the energy of the home is not the same.

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