Just as there are many schools of martial arts, there are many schools of feng shui. I studied Form School feng shui and under their principles, they do not consider the birth date of the residents relevant to the feng shui of the home.

If the feng shui consultant is from a cosmology feng shui schools, such as the Flying Star school, San Yuan or the Eight Mansion school,  it is a different story. The birth date is very important because their schools are based on cosmology and their practice is similar to having a reading for the astrology of the house. Some cosmology schools also consider the year the house was built affects the feng shui of a house, so depending on your own beliefs, be sure to ask what school they belong to.  If you resonate with that school, that will be fine for you.

Maybe it’s because I’m an interior designer,  I find the form of a space can and does affect how you use the space. Therefore, it does affects your well-being.  Form School feng shui teaches us that the form of a space can affect our emotional, physical and mental health.  However, when I research and study cosmology feng shui, I run into a problem.  According to their principles,  if my birth date is different from my children and husband, it could mean the space affects me in a different way from my children or husband.  My practical intuition makes it hard for me to understand that logic.  For example, in a bedroom, they may recommend someone to sleep facing north and the other east.  How can it be different?  No one seems to be able to explain this to me, except to say that I need to have faith.

But, on the other hand, I do enjoy astrology.  I do believe we are affected by the universe, the stars and moon. Whether it is Chinese astrology or Western Astrology, I find them both intriguing and  fascinating.  In Asian culture, we believe that our birth date does affect our character and it is ingrained in us since birth.  Also, I do find it quite accurate.  Yes, I must admit I have great difficulty finding that my birth date affects the space I live in.  So does that mean I am being hypocritical?  What do you think?  Do you think someone’s birth date is significant to the feng shui of their home?  Can one believe in astrology of a person  and not believe in the astrology of a home?  I think one can.

The important thing is to follow your own gut.  We all have the ability to figure out what works for ourselves.  But, today there are so many outside influences that we get side tracked and loose our sense of intuition.  Another factor to consider is the influence of the internet.  We tend to believe that if it is in print, it must be true — I know I am like that.  But, now that I am a little older and hopefully, a little wiser, I remember to stop and ask myself if this is truly what I believe.   Remind yourself to take the time to make your own judgment and also remember not to judge others for their own beliefs.

2 thoughts on “Is Your Birthdate Relevant to the Feng Shui of your Home?”

  1. Hi Jenny,
    I’m learning so many new things I never knew about Feng Shui. I didn’t know that there were different schools of thought on whether your birth sign affected how you interacted with your space. I would think it would though. I know that for me I need to feel a sense of openness and to see far out the window – which has a lot to do with my strong Sagittarius nature. ON the other hand I would guess that someone who had a strong Cancer personality might like smaller cozy spaces with a lot of nic-nacs and family photos on the shelves.

  2. Angela, very good points on your thoughts of the relationships between personality characteristics and horoscope signs. That can make sense to me! I never thought of that. But what I am saying is very different. maybe I wasn’t clear in my article. It’s not the birth sign that affects on how you interact with your space. Some cosmology schools categorize you into groups depending on your birth date. An example would be, if you belong to one group, you should enter your house through a south facing door and if you belong to another group you would enter through an east facing door. Many times it relates to direction. But, I like your point of view, something to think about!

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