The current BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has the concern of the world. The thought of millions of barrels of oil flowing into our natural waters has created a frightening situation for all of nature and mankind.  And who knows when they will be able to put a stop to this flow?  Who knows the extent of the damage?  Who knows how it will affect us all?  It makes one feel so powerless.

In feng shui, the taiji represents the whole universe. All is one, one is all, which means that we are all inter-connected.  When nature is in balance we have growth.  Imbalance, on the other hand, creates chaos and instability.  Feng shui is all about being in “harmony with nature”.  Living in harmony with nature is what comes naturally to us such as digging soil to farm.  But, there is nothing natural about digging through the ocean floor.   Have we gone too far and stepped over the boundaries for our selfish needs of modern life?  Is this mankind’s wake up call from nature?  The balance of nature is so disrupted that we have no idea on how long will it take to bring it back to harmony. How do we bring it back to harmony?  I am no expert, but my master would tell us to increase the natural environment.  We can do this by planting more trees, creating more gardens, getting rid of concrete and replace it with more natural elements, cleaning up the rivers and lakes and bringing nature back to into our lives.

As an individual what can we do? We can stop excessive consumerism and pull back on unnecessary wants.  We can conserve energy by carpooling, running errands while we are doing other things and being conscious of all our actions.  We can walk more and eat less.  We can recycle, plant vegetation and respect our environment.  These are only small actions, but it is something we can all do.  Thank you everyone for doing your part.

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