My girlfriend is moving house.
The reason for her move is to be closer to her daughter’s new school which is a thirty minute drive one way.  Everyone has their own reason for moving.  Positive moves are thought of as moving to a better neighborhood or bigger home while negative moves are often when a move is due to unfortunate circumstances.  Regardless, we all know that moving is never easy.  There is always so much to do:  sort, pack, clean, repair and all the rest.  Everything must be coordinated and pulled together within a certain time line and therefore, it creates great stress.

Many times, moving also means saying good-bye. Good-bye to your friends and neighbors, good-bye to your routines, good-bye to your home, good-bye to all the memories in that home.

Yes, moving is considered one of the most stressful things in life. But in Chinese philosophy they say that if there is a yin, there must be a yang.  If the yin is stress then what is yang?  Yang is hope.  Hope because moving brings about change.  With change come new opportunities, new environments, new friends and new energy.  This is true regardless of the reasons for your move.  So, with all the ‘good-bye’s’ be ready to embrace all the new ‘hellos’!

Instead of focusing on how much you must accomplish in the little time you have, try to focus on what positive things the move will enable you to do. In a small way, it may help relieve part of the stress.  We are all trying to find ways to learn, grow and develop no matter what our age and moving enables us to have new experiences within the process.  For many who are moving this summer, may you look forward to all the new adventures your move may bring.

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