Basic plan of a roomNow that the earlier posts discussed what the Four Features of Feng Shui are, we can now learn how to apply them to our home.

The diagram to my left is a basic plan of a bedroom.
It has an entry door, one window, two solid walls and one closet.  If you look closely at the labels, you will see that the two solid walls are “mountains”, the wall with the window and closet are the “hills”, the floor space itself is the “flat land” and the door is “water”.

What we are doing here is trying to replicate nature in our own homes, to create the “energy spot”. So, where is the best position for the bed?  Now recall, if you have support behind you, and protection on the sides, the best spot would be against the mountain where you can see the future or water.  Ideally, while lying in your bed, you should be able to see the door.  With this simple application of using the Four Features of Feng Shui as a guide, you will have better sleep, because you feel protected and supported.  If you have trouble sleeping at night, try moving your bed to this position and see if you find any change in your sleeping patterns.  Also, not all rooms are designed following this sample room.  Your room may have two walls with windows or two walls with closets.  Master bedrooms also will have a door that leads to a bathroom.  So we must understand that each room has its own unique shape.  Use your good judgement to find the best placement for your bed.  If you are still having trouble, try this simple exercise.

  • Stand with your back against one wall and look around the room to see how you feel.  Slowly close your eyes for a while, then open them again.  Assess how you feel again.  Now repeat this action for each wall of the bedroom.  Which position made you feel the most relaxed?  The most uncomfortable?  Did you feel any different?  Choose the one that made you feel the most comfortable and place your bed against this wall.

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