The Four Features of feng shui are ideally located in a certain position to benefit those who reside there. This ideal site includes all the four features; mountains, hills, flat land and water.  If you examine the photo images in this article and the two previous articles, I tried to find landscapes that contained these four features.

In this photo the hills and mountain surround the lake and flat land. This creates very fertile soil, good for farming.  In form school, this flat land is called the “energy spot”, because it has lots of nourishment for those who reside there.  The picture in the previous post has the mountain, with the city at the base of the mountain and water in front.  That is ideal, however, it feels a little tight.  If there was more room for the flat land, it would be even better.

Today, we obviously, can’t be looking for such properties unless probably we are off the grid. So, as we said earlier, these features are metaphors.  Of course, the large landscape is most important, but on a smaller scale, like our neighborhoods we must interpret the features in different ways.  Buildings and large structures are mountains and hills while roads are considered as water.  Why is this?

We are looking for support and protection for our families and the surrounding structures, such as walls, gates and landscape provide this.  Instead of a house sitting on its own, it is less vulnerable when surrounded by other homes or nature.  Roads are our route to activities and connecting to others.  Generally speaking, if the home is near the freeway, it is more convenient.  Again, there are many other factors that are excluded here, but this just gives you the overall idea of how the four features are applied in our lifestyles today.

Photo: Pixabay

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