Oprah Winfrey is having an open audition to have your OWN show. I have taken the opportunity, with the help of Dr. Hsu, Sean and Robin Hones and decided to send in a 3 minute video of my idea of my own show called, “Discovering Your Roots“.   Please go to this link and watch the video and vote for me!

Yes, I want to spread the culture of the world as we all have culture in one form or another, so here is a description of my proposal for the show:

My OWN show is called “Discovering Your Roots”.  It is my belief that discrimination, racism and hate crimes stem from a misunderstanding and ignorance of other cultures, customs, traditions and religions.

You may have wondered why your relatives dress a certain way or have that type of hairdo.  Or why your family eats a type of food or has these traditions?

Through a selected viewer, I would like to take the audience with me to learn about this person’s roots and along the way we all learn many things that we will never find in textbooks.  At the same time the participant will find new insight from their roots enabling them to know themselves from a different perspective.  Better understanding and empathy for others creates good relationships and as a result we become a more tolerant society.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all got along!

Thank you for watching and voting! Have a good day!

4 thoughts on “Jenny’s Audition on Oprah!”

  1. Hey Ben, thanks for watching and for sharing on facebook! You are too kind!
    As you are definitely someone who appreciates other cultures, I am happy that you approve!

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