The Four Features in Form School feng shui are:

  1. Mountains for support
  2. Hills for protection
  3. Flat land for growth
  4. Water for expansion

Why were these four features chosen?

Mountains come in all sizes and shapes. There are a vast variety of vegetation on each mountain, that it is difficult to lump all mountains into one category.  However, that being said, mountains provide support for our livelihood.  They are large masses that help dictate weather patterns, provide animals and vegetation to sustain us. We are less in tune with nature as in the past, but animals are still very much in tune with their environment.  They roam to where there is food and water.  So, it can be said that if there are animals in the vicinity, the area must have resources for life.  This is why, mountains are metaphors for support.

Hills protect us from weather, yet allow for enough sun because they are not as massive as mountains. Hills provide a sense of security because it can enclose a space making us feel less vulnerable.  When everything is exposed, there is no where to go for protection.

Flat ground makes building and living easier. Building on flat land  is a much easier task than building on a slope.  Flat ground also makes it easier to farm and transport anything.

Water is the source of life. All living life needs water, so every site must have a source of water.  Large bodies of water were also considered important because it allowed for exploration to the unknown.  Therefore, water is a metaphor for expansion.  It is the future.

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