Cheese can add a little zing to your daily menu; a little feta in a salad, some cheddar to an omelet, Gruyere to a quiche, Parmesan on pasta and the list goes on.   That’s why it’s always nice to have a variety of cheeses in the refrigerator.

A good quality cheese can get quite pricey, so I do get tempted to buy the big chunks from Costco to save money. But, then we find ourselves over indulging because with such a large quantity we have the added worry of the cheese going bad, which is wasteful and therefore defeats the original purpose to buy so much.   Yes, it’s this crazy pattern – save money, buy in bulk, can’t consume it all, throw it out, waste money.  My husband calls this “going broke saving money”.

Ah, but now I have the answer. A while back, a group of mothers were discussing household tips and we got into the topic of cheese.  One mother told us that she went to Costco once a month and bought cheese and froze it.  Yes, you can freeze cheese! I didn’t know that!  So, I tried it.

Cut the block of cheese into whatever size works best for you. For my family, I cut it into 3 blocks.  Then wrap it with plastic wrap, then cover it with foil and finally put it in a freezer bag.   Does this order make a difference.  For me, it’s just easier to remove frozen plastic wrap rather than foil when it is directly against the food item.

Mark the foil with a sharpie to identify the cheese or to help you remember what it was. This is a necessity for me because I never can recall what it was.  So far, I have frozen cheddar, feta, fresh mozarella, harvarti and Parmesan they all have been just as fresh as when I bought it.

To defrost, it is best to remove the foil and let the cheese sit covered in the plastic wrap until soft at room temperature. Also, one other tip; I found that it is easier to slice the mozzarella when it is still partially frozen.  Oh, and a big reminder:  don’t microwave to defrost.  This may sound obvious, but my kids were going to pop it in the microwave so I know we tend to forget things at times, especially when we’re hungry!

So go ahead and buy those chunks of cheese!



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