As a great resource, the internet is a wonderful place to learn about everything and anything, yet it can also be full of misinformation.

The other day I came across a feng shui article on the internet that got me a bit flustered.
It stated that a gray mat placed in the entrance of the home would affect the health of a particular client.  What??? Did I read that right?  Now really, think about this. Have we lost all our common sense to think that a gray colored mat will affect our health?  So it’s not our eating habits, exercise habits, drinking habits or lifestyle that affects our health, but the color of our mat!  Have we become that gullible?  A particular person’s home will make him sick because the mat is gray?  Can someone explain the reasoning behind this please?

Who makes such claims? Where did this person learn this information and who will take responsibility to this claim?  The reason that it gets me going is that articles such as these give feng shui a bad name.  Some think it’s all voodoo and laugh it off.  Of course if this is what you read, I would believe the same.

Let’s wake up to trust our own instincts and better judgment.
Today, there are sites that try to protect the public and inform them of business scams.  Maybe we need to have sites to help us decipher false claims.  With so much information, it can be confusing and we all want to make educated decisions.  Sometimes we know the answer but we just don’t think we know it.  Let’s learn to trust our own good judgment and not let people confuse us or instill fear in our thoughts.

At times we want to believe because it is convenient or easy, even though we know that it doesn’t ring true. Other times, we forget to think for ourselves and we are way too gullible.  I know I’m like that.  I tend to believe everything.  Then when I discuss the idea with someone else, I wonder why I believed it in the first place!   It’s like, “what was I thinking”.  That’s why it’s good to sleep on ideas before making any decisions.  I love the internet and all the information that is now at my finger tips, but I must remember to protect my thoughts, beliefs, ethics and values from those that are trying to manipulate and instill fear.  Let’s be strong and be true to ourselves, as we all have the intuition and knowledge to make the right decisions.


4 thoughts on “Feng Shui and False Threats”

  1. What a great website. While researching Chinese New Year customs, I got sidetracked onto Feng Shui. Your website is the first one I’ve found that really breaks it down into common sense: if we’re in harmony with our environment, we’ll be in harmony with ourselves. It makes much more sense to me that we design and decorate our homes to resonate with our environment (or to mitigate it, as the case may be), rather than getting obsessed with the color of our doormats. Thank you!

  2. Hey Andy, thanks for stopping by! Customs and traditions get mixed into feng shui teachings which makes things very confusing. As long as we can separate the two then I believe we will have a better understanding. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try my best to answer.

  3. Dear Jenny,

    I came across your wonderful website when I was searching for photos of lights for my apartments. I like how you explained issues and I could relate to them well.

    I would like to seek you advice. Recently, one of my friends who is into to Chinese Feng Shui, told me that my 11th floor apartment overlooks a sewerage pond and would not be good for the inhabitants of the apartment. The sewerage pond is about 8 km away, I think. The distance consists of a vacant plot of land, one row of landed houses, and two lanes of highway.

    I was advised to sell off the apartment!

    Hope to receive your advice.

    Thank you and Best regards

  4. Hi Katherine,

    Happy to know that you can relate to the feng shui issues. It really is our intuition that we all have.

    In regards to your apartment, it’s nice to know that your friend is concerned about your well-being. In many feng shui books, there are concerns about sewage and other industrail areas. However, everything must be assessed to scale. Your apartment is 8 km away from the actual pond, that is a distance away and I don’t think you can “overlook” this since it’s so far away.
    Similarly, in feng shui they say it is good to have a mountain for support and stability. Usually, if it is a large mountain, the whole area may benefit from the mountain’s energy, but it’s not going to directly affect your house if it’s a distance away.

    From the given information, I don’t think the sewage pond is affecting your apartment. I hope this helps.

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