Interior Design is such a personal thing.  What works for one person may not necessarily work for another.  But that’s what makes it fun!  Everyone is welcome to their own design aesthetics.

Chandeliers are ceiling mounted hanging light fixtures that may have glass or crystals that reflect the light and are usually quite ornate.  Normally, they are found in foyers, living and dining rooms but today we are open to anything and they are seen in bedrooms as well.  Above are two photos of chandeliers in bedrooms.

What’s the feng shui to having such light fixtures in a bedroom?  Generally speaking, a bedroom is a yin room, which means a room that is more passive.  It’s a place to wind down from your day so you may rest in order to replenish your energy for the following day.  If you find a chandelier calming then that’s  fine and it will work for you.

The only feng shui issue would be the placement of the fixture.  The first photo shows a rather large bedroom with the chandelier above the sitting area.  This placement helps illuminate the room and works well in this space.  The second photo shows a much smaller room.  Due to the size of the space, the chandelier ends up being right above the center of the bed.

From a feng shui perspective, this is not ideal.  The qi from the fixture is always pointing down toward you and may cause disturbed sleep.  From a practical standpoint, it will bother your subconscious due to the fear you may have that it will fall on you during sleep.  If this bothers you, it may be best to change the light fixture to something that is called a flush mount or a semi-flush mount  fixture and find one that has a flatter form.

The flush mount means it lies flat against the ceiling like the round energy efficient light from Minka Lavery below.  Semi-flush mount means it has space between the ceiling and fixture but lies close to the ceiling such as this quite attractive Stacey Garcia fixture.  Both can be found at Euro Style Lighting.

Wishing you all good nights sleep.

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